A Snow Day Activity

Let's look at the human context for hibernation...

Not in the total unconscious way that animals do, yet instead the fully conscious way of gurus, masters and sages.

These conscious beings left behind some amazing gifts of profound understanding. Each leaving a description of how they obtained 'moksha' or liberation from suffering. Although each path varied from the rest, there is always one common thread. 

Each of them went inward to the depths of their being to find the stillness within. Everyone has the same goal and opportunity to obtain this stillness. It is not relegated to a specific social status, financial, religious or even ethnicity. The stillness is open to any race, gender, age or ability. You just have to find your way there...

Now even though each path has a slightly different way about it, each holds a clue or key to unlock the realm of personal liberation. Use the different teachings of those who went before you as a guide or template to create your path. There are so many teachings because there are so many different people in the world, one of them is bound to open your door within.

One of my favorite cold and dark winter day activities is to allow myself the time to sit and settle into the same stillness that nature is exuding. Not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse. 

Pick a cold, dark (and maybe snowy) day - either around sunrise or sunset, and find a quiet place to sit as straight as you can and just breathe. Make the breath slow, like a hibernating animal. Make the breath even on the inhale and exhale. Take as many breaths as you need, and feel your self settle like the snow in a snow globe. Moving from shaken flurries, to an internal scene of stillness. 

Eventually, in the dark you will see your inner light. 

Be the light my friends...

Colleen Inman