Can't Outsource This

Our days are busy. Waking up early, dropping off kids, commuting to work, picking up kids, making dinner and maybe if you're lucky - in bed by 10pm.

The whole 'gig economy' was built on outsourcing. Uber, Door Dash, Task Rabbit, etc. If someone else could do it - then maybe we'd have more time. But how much can we really outsource? A ride, a meal or someone to finally fix the leaky faucet - sure, but what about our health and well-being??

Think back to Steve Jobs, and one of his last statements. To paraphrase, he spoke into the fact that he could not get anyone to be sick for him. There was no one to outsource this to. You can’t be well for someone either.

Health and well-being is something you actually have control over (baring anything unforeseen) and the task is left up to you. No one can take a deep breath for you in the middle of a stressful situation or take a 30 minute walk on a treadmill. You have to do this for yourself.

You will need to maintain your flexibility - both in body AND mind.

Build your strength.

Work on your balance.

Increase your stamina.

Manage your emotions.

And I think you see where I'm going...All of these necessities for living well (in order to reduce suffering) are not something you can outsource. If you want a life full of natural happiness, personal power and a body that is comfortable to live in you will need to sit, stand and move.

Read a inspirational quote and quietly contemplate it, this is a sitting practice.

Take a five minute break to stand still (don’t lock you knees), relax the face, chest and shoulders, and breath deep into your abdomen. This will help to offset the 'hunch back' of texting and computer work.

Move the body every way every day (to your ability). Twist, bend, balance and strengthen in ways that help - not hurt - your body.

We can show you how to take action towards your well-being...but we can't do it for you.

Colleen Inman