Diet is More than Food

'You are what you eat'. We've all heard this more than once in our life.

But according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) you are not only what you eat but what you also gather from your environment through the five senses.

Stay with me on this, your five senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch) are where both mind and body gather information and fuel.

For example, have you ever heard something that made you feel good, inspired and energized? Or maybe something that was dark, heavy and left you feeling drained?

Think of food. A meal should make you feel like you have refueled, recharged and lighter not heavier, tired and sluggish. What we eat determines how we feel.

Same with the other senses...

What you listen to, watch, touch and smell make up your 'sensory diet'.

Here is your consciousness training exercise for the week. Pay attention to: the music you play, the Netflix or Hulu shows you watch, what you touch, feel and smell on a daily basis... How do you feel?

The general litmus test is - 'do I feel lighter or heavier?'

The Taoist see things based on the relationship between yin (earthly) and yang (heavenly). Yin being heavier and yang it's counterpart. Your spiritual diet should make you feel lighter (or more yang), not heavy (yin) and stuck in the mud of the earth.

So my question to you, how is YOUR diet?

Colleen Inman