Hidden Time Bomb

In an attempt to spread love and light, you sometimes have to reflect on the dark matter..

There is a death hormone sweeping America...it is from stress that rapidly ages the body, lowers attention span and effecting the biological age of a generation. 

We are spending an entire event teaching individuals how to overcome this lurking villain and turn on the hormone that rebuilds. This is our efforts towards a collective revamp for 2019.

Each year, we all make resolutions - and so often by mid January, these agreements to ourselves are already being challenged. We fall back into old patterns of managing stress and viola! The death hormone is back in action. 

Although we like to teach this face to face, here is a bite sized teaching you can do right now...

Stress comes from many places, one of which is our emotions. Sometimes emotions feel good, like seeing your friend graduate from school or a family member achieve a milestone. However, emotions can also be of a negative nature such as anger, worry or fear - all of which are stressful and drain our energy...

Letting go of a little of just one of these emotions goes a long way. Lets take fear for example. After you have a fright or moment of fear, there is often a sigh of relief that sounds like 'cheuuu'. We can let go of some residual fear in our bodies using this sound as we exhale - so give it a go...stand up tall and put your hands on your hips or low back. Take an inhale, and on the exhale bow forward ever so slightly and exhale the sound 'cheuuu' picturing fear leaving the body. Inhale again and picture breathing in will power. Do this several times each day to help let go of fear. 

Of course there are sounds for each emotion - but too much for this one email!

Until next time...

Colleen Inman