Not Your Car

You are not your car.

And what I mean by this is…

Consider your vehicle, no matter if it is a sports car, mini-van or even a bike. You know that you are not your vehicle, you are the driver. Simply put - it is the vehicle you drive.

Your car takes fuel (energy) to run, and a driver (mind) to make sure it gets safely from point A to point B.

Go with me on this... we live in a world of 3 bodies. 

Our physical body is the above mentioned 'vehicle'. The fuel is our energy (qi) body. And third, our mind is that which directs the movement of the body.

From this perspective, you can say that your body is not you, right? It is the body you use to navigate this earthly terrain which requires good maintenance to function properly. When the simple mechanics of our earthly 'vehicle' are not managed it just makes life harder - much like running out of gas or having a flat tire.

Unlike our vehicles, our bodies and mind don't come with a user manual. It is up to the driver to seek ways in which to keep their vehicle running smooth and WELL beyond the warranty. :)

The process is simple, it's called sit, stand and move.

Move - is about how to move our physical body in certain ways that strengthen and keep the connective tissue pliable and flexible.

Stand - this is actually our refueling session. This time is used to 'fill the tank' and become full again.

Sit - this is where you take a moment remember you are the observer. The one observing the energy levels, the overall workings of your vehicle, and this creates the space to be present. On the actual road, we want drivers who are present and paying attention, hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. This idea carries over to the road of your life, The more you return to the present moment task at hand, the better you become at navigating in and responding to your life's experiences. Be a mindful driver. 

Try this tomorrow: 

In the morning, sit quietly and take a few deep breaths to set a clear mind for the days travels - it's best to start with a mind free of mental chatter and perceived obstacles.

Now, get up and stand. Align the crown of your head over your tailbone. Drop the chin slightly while lengthening the back of the neck. Be sure your face, jaw, shoulders, chest and upper back are free of tension. Feel your tailbone descend towards the earth, creating length and space in the spine. Bend your knees slighting and press the big toes, little toes and heel down into the surface beneath your feet. Now be still and breath deep again.

It's time to move! Maybe some qigong, your favorite yoga poses or just a walk around the block.

This is sit, stand and move simplifiedSmile, enjoy your day and breathe deep - your 'vehicle' will thank you...

In health and vitality,

Colleen Inman