The Giving Tree

Remember the story of 'The Giving Tree'?

The Giving Tree gave everything, apples, shade, branches and even most of its trunk to a young boy that became a man whom was always seeking... 

If you don't know the story, google it - bet you can find a quick YouTube video of the story. 

The idea of the story, is that every time the tree gave, it was happy. Happy to contribute even one small speck of joy in another person's life. With so many out there who would can benefit from a little giving, we each can do our small part. A small part are these emails. I'll start with giving you one nugget of the wisdom at a time. Each bit has been gained over the years of contemplating the many great teachings of the ancient sages. Each sage found that their own suffering was resistance to one's path within the Tao. 

The best part of these methods, is that at the end of the day, they found that all inner peace came from going with the flow of the Tao. The Tao can always be seen in the natural order of nature (when undisturbed by human influence). Start by simply increasing the amount of time you spend in nature, it will fill you with energy and build your connection to the way of Tao. Make sure to take some deep breaths while in nature!

My goal is to raise our collective vibration and bring a spark of joy as to lessen suffering suffering one nugget at a time. 

In gratitude, 

Colleen Inman