Your vibe...

There are two things that you should know about the collective frequency...

The first one, is you have little to no control over the vibe that others are giving off or the level of conscious frequency they emit. Sure, you might be able to feel the vibe they are giving off and tell them how it feels, but at the end of the day their vibe is their choice. Period.

People choose to walk around the world in the way they desire - good or bad. So often its their mindset and daily lifestyle choices that create their energy. When you meet someone with low energy, dull eyes or negative thinking you have two choices. Join them 'in the dumps' or 'take the high road' and hold yourself to the higher frequency.

Which leads me to the second thing you should know. Only you are able to create the vibe you want to give off. This takes some work (fact, deal with it). It takes work not to stoop to a lower vibe. It is so much easier to follow our lower temptations, than to do the difficult thing and keep our minds from going into the gutter and taking our energy with it. But when we do, this is how we keep our power, by refusing to drop into and stay in the negative - keep your energy. 

What takes our energy you ask? Well, have you ever been 'mentally exhausted' or 'emotionally drained'? Thinking takes energy - so being in control of ones thoughts keeps us from using our energy poorly such as rehashing old situations and who did you wrong. Energy is like money. Spend it wisely, and know how to get more. Qigong translates to 'energy work'. The work is in keeping your mind in the present moment, and learning the methods to let your emotions flow through you - instead of getting stuck in you. 

Your energy vibe and personal power rests in your control. 

Start by learning to watch your thoughts, which ones repeat every day? Then start to decide either 'this one is helpful' or 'this one is not helpful'. Try not to judge the thought, just sort them one at a time without emotion, guilt or pride. Picture throwing away the 'not helpful' thought each time it comes up. Eventually, the heavy not useful thoughts will not come up as much, often leaving you with more of the lighter useful thoughts and an over all better vibe. Not saying there will never be a not useful thought again, there will, that is human nature. Just do the work to build the muscle of more frequent useful lighter thoughts.

This is a tool I have used for a long time, and after getting use to the process I can tell you I feel lighter each time I let go of that heavy vibe. This is one main method to my personal transformation...

Colleen Inman