Calm the Fire

Did you know the tongue and heart are the only two muscles that do not get tired? Kinda a good news, bad news thing lol.

Both the tongue and heart belong to what is known as the fire element in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), and the fire element belongs to summer...which is why I bring this subject up at this time. 

If you ponder what the fire element of summer might be like for a moment, one might arrive at the idea that the fire element may be outgoing, lively and active explosive. The goal of studying this philosophy is more than intellectual - it is to help us integrate the teachings into a more balanced expression of our lives. With that said, lets take one idea of the fire element here - the tongue. When overly active, it drains ones energy reserves. When kept stillness or conscious movement, it not only helps retain ones energy however it also calms the heart. 

Here is how to experience this for yourself. Take a moment and sit tall. Soften or close your eyes (assuming you are in a safe place to do so) and take a few deep breaths. Now, as you inhale touch the tip of the tongue to the roof of the mouth right behind your upper teeth. On the exhale relax it down to the floor of the mouth. Repeat with each breath up to 108 breaths. Make sure you observe how you feel before and after...

Calm the fire

Colleen Inman