Chemical Thinking

Mindset is everything.

You can 'worry your self sick'

You should 'think before you speak'

If you 'think you can or you think you cant, you are right' 

You can use the mind to create a positive outlook or a negative. You have free will. However, the positive outlook has chemical side affects that are beneficial to the physical body and your speed of aging - so I recommend positive thinking, or even better no thinking at all (super hard to do). Either way, steer clear of the negative thinking and destructive chemical dump. 

If you can sit with no thoughts, congratulations! Keep going...

If when you sit the thoughts still arise, try converting to positive thinking with an attitude of gratitude that rests on celebrating your life each and every day. Before you open your eyes in the morning, mentally identify all of that which you are grateful for in your life. Through out the day give thanks (silently is fine too) for your food, friends, family and etc. Flip your view of the negative and find the silver lining lesson in each downer experience. Count your blessings before you count sheep - each night as you settle for sleep, make one last connection to a positive mindset. If you need a little boost with this, here is an uplifting song you can play in the background as you meditate on gratitude. (click here for song) .This is from my new album coming out June 7th…The Seven Chakras: Meditation music for Tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga...

Its just the power of the mind my friend…

In gratitude

Colleen Inman