Happiness & Meditation

True happiness is a funny thing, it can only be found inwardly - and is really called tranquility. 

In general, happiness is a fleeting concept that is ruled by the laws of yin and yang - similar to what goes up must come down... The downside to stalking happiness is that you cannot obtain it without obtaining sadness as well. They are the yin and yang sides of the same coin, and yin and yang rules of the external physical world. 

However, the rule of the true internal world is without the polarity of yin and yang, thus the swing between happiness and sadness is absent. Only tranquility (true happiness) resides deep within - you simply need to know the route to get there...concentration. From concentration, mediation may arrive. 

You are cordially invited to step away from the external worlds polarity of emotional imbalance, and into the calm waters within. Take 5 minutes, sit upright and still. Focus on your deep slow breath, and focus your eyes either on the tip of your nose or up between the brows at the third eye center. Use the music download (link here) as a concentration guide - inhale on a bell, exhale the next bell and so forth. Make note of your level of tranquility before and after. Repeat often. 

In tranquility

Colleen Inman