It's a "Qi" thing

Have you ever walked into a room right after there was an argument and could feel and the tension in the room? Or how about how it feels entering a calm place like a library or church? Both of these are you noticing the "Qi" or energy in the space. You don't have to be some extreme ascetic to understand Qi. Every where you go has a "Qi" or energy to it...and where ever you are leaves a bit of an impression of the energy with in you. Start building the muscle of awareness of the Qi in the space. Take a moment where ever you go and determine what the energy feels like. (with out judgement!)

Once you bring the energy of a space to the forefront of your mind, you will become more selective about where you frequent. Since you can not always avoid places where the energy is not so desirable, there is qigong. Using qigong you can do to bring your energy back to what you desire. Over time you will develop a better sense of how you CAN feel vs how you just HAPPEN to feel. 

It's just a Qi thing my friends...

Colleen Inman