There are two types of stress...

Dis-stress and eustress. 

Both come from pressure or force and create a transformation of some sort. One is said to create growth, while the other is cause for breaking down. Often, the difference is perspective. If you can see the pressures of life as a transmutation process like the grapes crushed to become wine, seeds grow in darkness and olives pressed to release oil then maybe augmenting your view of things will allow you to withstand the pressure found in transformation. 

The ability to step back and see from a wider view is one of the main keys in undergoing the transition when you are feeling crushed or pressed. In qigong, the 'stepping' back usually looks like meditation or contemplation to remember you're in a powerful place of transmutation like the diamonds formed under pressure. Sit tall, breathe deep and you''ll find the strength to withstand the influence of growth. 

Be the diamond my friends, 

Colleen Inman