Warrior not Worrier

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) there are the 5 Elements, and the elements can build up the next element or control another element. When one of the elements controls another, this is called the controlling cycle. 

In this controlling cycle we gain the wisdom of how to manage that which may be out of control, like worrying. A little worry is useful, however to be an ongoing worrier can make you sick. Ever heard that saying “you’re gonna worry yourself sick”? Well, according to TCM - its true! And, its built into the teachings of the 5 Elements. 

Controlling worry without proper tools can be tricky, however turning to TCM the lesson that worry belongs to the earth element shows us that it will be controlled by the ‘warrior’ action of the wood element. Growing into a warrior in your body, mind and Qi dissipates excess worry. When we talk about becoming a ‘warrior’ here, its not for an external battle field…its choosing to cultivate your internal warrior self for this internal battle over worry. 

Its just the power of the elements my friend…

Be a warrior

Colleen Inman