Get Your Own Qi

Two ways to get energy...

Have some one give it to you, or get your own. In the field of qigong there are these two schools. One is based on Qi emission where a Qigong doctor would pull out stagnated qi and replenish with new. The later is based on teaching you how to do this on your own through physical movement, breath and visualization. 

One of the bigger concerns with having someone manage your qi for you is that although it gets cleaned at that moment, life’s natural law is that it will get dirty or imbalanced again with daily life. So you will be tied to that individual to constantly renew your energy.

When you learn how to do this yourself, you can keep up with the maintenance of cleaning your energy on a regular basis and be empowered to manage your own well being. One method of this is moving the body in specific ways to unblock qi passages to increase circulation. In the summer months, this belongs to the passage of fire element energy of the heart. By raising the left arm and bending gently to the right on a exhale helps to alleviate excess fire energy and calm the heart.

It's the teaching 'Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime...'

Learn to fish my friends 

Colleen Inman