'Goo' and the Guru

We are all covered in 'goo' or 'gu'...

However, like the frog in boiling water, the goo has been so slowly layered on that we sometimes unknowingly don't realize the goo is a problem or even there!

The goo on us is our five element material body. The more we identify with the physical body, the heavier we feel. On a energetic level, the goo is old emotions that have not been cleared and are being stored. On the mind level, it is the old impressions of thoughts...kinda like how sometimes you can hear your parents voice in your head saying 'don't to this or do that.

The difficulty with this is that all of this is not your true self, it is that which is blocking the view of you true self. I like to think of this like bugs on a windshield...lets say you get in a vehicle and the windshield slowly gets covered with bugs. However, once you stop and get the windshield cleaned, the clarity is both calming and amazing!

This is how in past times a 'guru' aided us. A 'guru' is one who helps remove the 'goo' on you. They know that you are driving around with a dirty 'windshield' and want to help you gain clarity.

A 'guru' or spiritual teacher is a big part of ones transformational process. Our gurus taught us to manage this using a 'sit, stand, move' formula...

Sit each morning and focus on letting go of old thoughts. Use healing sounds (such as whoooo for worry) to purge old emotions, and move the body to dislodge the heaviness. After sitting, add some uplifting and new music for inspiring new thoughts that will inevitably replace the old.Here is a song to uplift you!

From my guru to you

Colleen Inman