Still Waters Run Deep

There old saying 'still waters run deep'

Although it is credited as a Latin origin, the teaching may reach back further to a more ancient wisdom.

We know that we have three bodies. A physical one, most obvious of course. An energy or emotional body, we see this measured with EKG's and having a doctor take your pulse. Lastly, a mental or conscious body, much more subtle. 

What you do to one body affects the other three.

Lets take the physical body for example. It is understood that our physical body is 70-90% water (depending on who you ask). When you sit in meditation, the waters of the body become so still, that the 'waters' of the other two bodies follow suit. Once you have reached the pure stillness is when you can see deeply inward all the way to your higher self. 

The stillness from meditation allows the settling to occur producing a glass like surface for reflection. If you disturb the water on one of the levels, say having an excess amount of emotions or thinking, then the waters are agitated and unclear. This is how we lose sight of who we are and end up confusing ourselves for the turbid image.

Care for the three bodies. Still the waters to find clarity. Sit still and tall, let go of lingering emotions and learn to quiet the mind. 

Still the waters to run deep

Colleen Inman