Dear Stress, Let's Break Up...

Dear Stress, Let's Break Up...

Stress is one of the biggest contributions to poor health. As you stress, your fight and flight responses send your blood and energy to your hands and feet to run and fight. This leaves your main systems with out the power they need to process and fight diseases and invaders. Systems like your immunes system and basic repairs to organs is down while you are processing stress. The problem is the longer you remain in stress, the longer your system is vulnerable.

You will not be able to remove all stress from your life, however you are able to learn to manage how you react to stress (i.e. not dropping into fight or flight response). In this way your main systems have the power they need.

The ancient guru's and sages knew this, and practiced yoga, tai chi, qigong, mantra and meditation then left behind the information of how others can do this as well. All you need is the info, the how-to, and a teacher to show you.

That is where we come in! It's not because we are so special, it is just that we have taken the time to learn and practice the art to the point of almost mastery. We call this self-mastery :-)

It's time to change your cycle, and we'll help you!

We know that you will find a taste of de-stressing in just one class, but here is a 5 classes/$25 (two weeks) introductory offer so you can really taste it!

Break up with stress my friends...

Colleen Inman