Takes Two to Tango

It takes two to dance the Tango...

It takes two to have a fight...


It takes two to cultivate...

A student and a teacher. 

The better the groove of the two, the better the dance and cultivation. 

The teacher of course can be a person, book, situation, a ghost of Christmas past perhaps.. Anything that gives us a reflection of how our lower selves are our own warnings, and how our higher self and purpose can bring us to liberation. 

There are many ancient texts there to guide us, many daily situations from which we can grow and learn. However, going through this process without a teacher to both interpret the teachings and reflect back to your path in the journey to awareness and moksha (liberation).

You can have an inner teacher if you are already cultivating and have a good foundation of which to practice on, yet someday at some point, you will arrive at that moment where you need a teacher for your next step. Even so, your 'inner teacher' implies two - you and your inner teacher. 

When you have gotten to a place in life where you could use some light shown on to your next step in your journey, it is best to have a teacher. Of course, not just any teacher - but one who is personally growing and on the path, one who is connected to a source of higher wisdom and one who compassionately understands the austerity required to move towards ones higher self. I guess this is why so many students come to organizations like Zen Wellness...with so many teachers personally practicing and growing in their own way, there is bound to be one who you will resonate with. 

As we welcome the new year, you are invited to welcome the wisdom of the lineage into your world and use it as your guide inward. The goal of course is not just to live long, but to live well and becoming a better version of yourself each day until you find yourself the Enlightened Elder. A fine place to be! and not a guarantee! (Just because one gains grey hair, does not mean they are wise.) 

Here is your mindfulness practice:

Spend time connecting to a source of wisdom each day - like a mindful message?

Something that has a deeper understanding than you do - 

Something that inspires you - a good 

Something that will shape you towards being that Elightened Elder of inner peace that the world needs. 

Colleen InmanZen Yoga