5 Seasonal Pranayama

(Breath work for the Seasons)

Each season has is manifestation. The outgoing nature of summer, the inward times of winter, the cabin fever of spring begging you to take time outdoors and so forth…

With each season also come the emotions…

Autumn is known for the leaves falling from the trees and, daylight decreasing and well, a national rise in depression. Yoga gives you the tools to uplift the spirit with deep breathing. If your friend ever told you to take a deep breath when you are upset, they gave you a remedy to help you feel better.

In this same way, different breathing styles are known to create different reactions in the body to manage situations (think Lamaze). Some breathing techniques cool you off, some warm you, some calm you and some get your energy moving…

Zen Yoga took decades of learning and practice, and built an online library of the different breathing techniques to help both align with the current season as well as manage the imbalances of each of the 5 elements.

With access to this library, a practitioner of yoga may develop a relationship to the breath and improve ones personal asana (posture practice)

Yoga Teachers will be surprised at how well this folds into the practice they share with others!

Discover how the ancient techniques of pranayama help you gain control of the breath and allow you to balance anxiety, depression, insomnia, blood pressure and so much more!