Threads of Wisdom

Do you know what a sutra is?

It's a thread of information. 

The length of the thread is measured by how many times the wisdom knowledge passed from a master to a student. Each time the information is passed down, one more link is added to the length of the thread. 

The key to finding a 'wisdom' tradition to study, have a look at the length of the thread and who made the thread - or who the thread was made up of.

Threads that span 1000's of years and generation upon generation are time tested and proven by the results of many. In this way, not only trust is formed, but with it having passed through a wide variety of individuals - some of whom have added a piece to the puzzle.

An example of a common sutra or thread is the mantra - Om Mani Padme Om. 

If you are new to mantra you listen to a version sung by Robin Campbell - click here

Mantras are wisdom teachings that help us quiet the mind, or keep the mind focused on positive words. Try listening this mantra several times, and breathe along with the bell. Use the first bell to inhale, and the second bell to exhale. Then repeat. When it ends, be sure to take a moment to reflect on how it you feel.

Colleen Inman