These Make you Tick

Like gears in a watch that make the hands go round in steady time, our bodies have internal energy gears that keep it moving and calibrated.

These seven energetic gears are called chakras and they need to be maintained. Like the watch, if one of the gears sticks or slips, the system becomes unreliable and ineffective.

These 'gears' are aligned and stacked vertically up the torso from the pelvic floor up to the crown of the head while running parallel to the spine.

Our chakras impact both the physical body and our consciousness. If your energy is low, your conscious abilities are reduced. If your energy is too high (holiday stress!), the tissues in your body are filled with cortisol, become tight and our systems begin to break down.

Maintaining the 7 chakras can be done with specific sounds (mantra and music), mudras (hand energy seals), movement and visualization. The first step is to begin to watch how you feel before and after any mindfulness practice. Here is one method for you to practice today...

Sit somewhere comfortable and safe. Notice how you feel.

Take a few deep breaths.

Bring your attention to the place between your eyebrows, maybe even have the eyes look up at that space (as long as there is no contraindications). If you feel any tension, add a gentle smile.

Visualize an indigo-colored light in this area.

Repeat the sound "OM" and the affirmation "I See" three times. (out loud is best, yet silently works too).

Sit with your attention on the space between the brows and take a few more slow and deep breaths. 

Observe how you feel.

Repeat as often as you wish.

Colleen Inman